Jan 5, 2014

Lunch Menu 7 - Tirunelveli Sodhi, Spinach Thoran, Potato Roast, Rasam & Onion Pickle

Another simple lunch menu to brighten your weekend or even weekdays..Having a proper lunch is always important for a south indian, i know i have mentioned this so many times whenever i post lunch menu recipes..This menu is inspired from my perimma's recipe. One day she told me to try potato stew recipe and she also mentioned the combinations which goes well with that too..This menu includes Steamed Rice, Potato Sodhi, Keerai Thoran, Potato Roast, Rasam & Onion Pickle.

I made a simple rasam, spinach thoran as additional dish in this menu. Normally we make potato stew, potato roast and puli inchi..I made onion pickle for puli inchi and it went really well too..Normally you need something spicy, tangy and little sweet to go with the plain stew.And the keerai thoran which i made is the recipe which i used to make drumstick leaves thoran, instead of drumstick leaves you can use any spinach. And i didn't add turmeric powder in it.

Normally we need two gravy dishes to go with rice, mostly it will be a gravy and curd or gravy and rasam. You can simple leave the rasam and have just curd as the second gravy. And make any thoran for this, but make it a little spicier, since the stew is mild. Instead of onion pickle, you could make tomato thokku also..

These are the link for the above menu..

Tirunelveli Sodhi Kulambu ,Check out my Keralan Potato Stew Recipe too..
Keerai Thoran ( Replace Drumstick Leaves with any Spinach )
Potato Roast, Check out my Keralan Potato Roast Recipe too..
Onion Pickle
Simple Rasam

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  1. A perfect looking south indian lunch platter. Excellent pics.

  2. wow..delicious dishes! Thanks a lot for these lunch ideas! I'm definitely gonna try :)

  3. These look delicious. Potato is always one of the most important parts of our extended family meals...it's something everyone can agree on. :)


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