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Jul 23, 2014

Instant Tomato Rasam Recipe

You know i make quite a lot of rasam as a part of my lunch. I like to experiment with it. You wont believe how many rasam recipe i have in my blog, you have to check here to see it. And you wont believe that i have 4 more rasam recipe waiting to be posted. All these are because of my love for rasam. This is not like my other rasam. It can be made in less than 5 to 7 mins. It is like a pro, throw few things in a blender, puree it and boil it, thats it. You have a yummy rasam. 

Set Dosa Recipe / Set Dosai Recipe / Poha Dosa Recipe / Soft Dosa Recipe

Set dosa, vada curry..Set dosa getti chutney..We hear this combo in lots of restaurant and hotels. Set dosa is nothing but a soft thick dosa, which usually comes as a set of two or three.  It will be small and thick. There is usually poha added to this dosa. Some people add curd to it, but i dont. I add curd when i make my sponge dosa.

Vada Curry Recipe / Set Dosa Vada Curry Recipe

Vada Curry and Set Dosa, a quite famous combo in food. And it is often had as a breakfast meal, not ordinary breakfast but a special breakfast. Frankly speaking i had never tasted this. But i have seen it. Till couple weeks back, i have never thought of making it at home and posting it here. There is a little inspiration behind this, every friday hubby and me visit a temple in a place near our town called suchidram. 

Jul 22, 2014

Veggie Cheese Bagel Recipe / Veg & Cheese Bagel Sandwich Recipe

Healthy Burger or sandwich whatever you call..This is made with my best homemade bagel and my homemade hung curd. Normally they use cream cheese for this, but i used hung curd and worked perfectly.

Papaya Smoothie Recipe / Papaya Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

I love papayas. Specially when they are super ripe and sweet. I know super ripe papaya can get hard to handle and get very messy. But i love the sweet flesh they have. I eat them as it is. But when they disintegrate when chopping, i make them into this smoothie and have it.