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Aug 2, 2014

Vegetable Sambar Recipe / Veg Sambar Recipe

Sambar plays a important role in south indian menu..We make different types and different version of them suiting of the main dish which we have with it..And this sambar is made with a whole lot of veggies as well. I have quite a few of them here in my blog.
My all time favorite sambar is potato sambar, vallarai keerai sambar..You can check out all my other sambar recipes right here..

Aug 1, 2014

Sevai Recipe / Sevai, Mor Kuzhambu & Vathal Recipe / Homemade Rice Noodles - Traditional Recipe

When i was pregnant, i craved for lots of things, Couple of them are my all time favorite chambara kozhukattai and sevai. Both recipe are time consuming and needs some hard work involved in them. And both recipe are a very traditional recipe. When i told this to my mom, my sweet mom made this immediately for me and took my camera and got into my job of clicking them. I have posted kozhukattai long before itself and somehow this recipe stayed in my drafts for quite a long time.

Chicken Burger Recipe / Grilled Chicken Burger Recipe

I am really a burger addict..We order it every sunday from our nearby take out place. We order chicken burger, french fries, fried chicken, mayo and garlic paste and just dig into madly. I am a burger freak. I can have it daily, but it may pile on my pounds so i kind of restrict it only once a week. 

Jul 31, 2014

Nattu Kozhi Soup Recipe / Country Chicken Soup Recipe / Chicken Rasam Recipe

I have been making new soups every other day and we were enjoying it a lot. Seeing this, hubby got me some country chicken to try soup, he told me to make some nattu kozhi kuzhambu and soup. I made a simple clear soup with fresh ground spices and it was amazing.

Malabar Avial Recipe / Malabar Style Aviyal Recipe / Avial Recipe

Avial plays a main part in our south indian meal. Without it no marriage or festival menu is complete. We make avial with a whole lots of veggies and a whole lot of method. But this mixed vegetable avial is the king of all avial. Already i have a avial recipe here, that is my mom's recipe. I too have different avial recipe like mango avial, drumstick avial, you can check all of them here.