Jul 1, 2016

Instant Ragi Ceralac Recipe - No Cook Finger Millet Cereal For Babies

My rice ceralac post was a huge success. And everyone was asking me to share more instant cereal recipe..

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Check out my other health powders too and porridge recipe too..

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Street Food Style Chicken Fry Recipe - Thattukadai Chicken Fry Recipe

Chicken fry or fried chicken has been my all time favorite. Specially the street side south indian ones, Those crispy masala coated chicken which has a spicy exterior and a juicy interior, thinking of it makes my mouth water. I know it is not hygiene to buy them from those street side shops, the thing which concern me a lot is the oil which they use for frying them. I know they keep on frying in the same oil again and again. So i stopped buying them and started to make fried chicken at home. 

I would never say that fried chicken is healthy, but atleast when you make them at home, specially with good quality sunflower oil available in the market, these would be a little on the safer side. After all these kind of dishes are guilty pleasures right!
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Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta Recipe

This is one dish which i made few days back and loved it so much. The spices which i used in this is cajun spice mix and it is wonderful with pasta. This is a great dish to put in your kids lunch box because it keeps really well. Along with a fruit and a veggie, it makes a complete meal.I used chicken in this, but you can easily skip the chicken and make it completely veg. You can add some tofu, broccoli or any veggies as you like in this.Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

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Jun 30, 2016

Bakery Style Vegetable Cutlets Recipe - Veg Cutlets Recipe

I love these crispy morsels, i have already shared a version of veg cutlets in my blog already. But i have my aunt(you must be familiar with her through my pooran poli post) who makes the perfect crispy veg cutlets. I have been asking her for the recipes. 

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Eggless Wheat Bran Pancakes Recipe - Vegan Option Included

I bought a big packet of wheat bran, which was sitting there in my cupboard for quite a long time. I was thinking what to make with it and when i did a search in google, i came across tons of recipes and bookmarked few of them. This is the first recipe which i came across and i adapted the recipe to my taste and changed it to eggless.

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