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Aug 22, 2014

Rainbow Layer Cake Recipe / 6 Layer - Rainbow Birthday Cake - Maha's 1st Birthday Cake

I was planning for maha's birthday for atleast past two months. We are taking a grand birthday party on sep 8th which is on maha's star birthday, so i decided to have a small party in my house on her date of birth.I wanted to make all the foods as well the cake for maha. So i planned for a week and decided the menu. I planned to make gulab jamun, vegetable samosas, jeera rice, paneer butter masala, battura, chana masala, gobi manchurian dry, mixed fruit curd rice, and fruit chat. I worked on that for 2 whole days..It was too much stressing and tiring, but when i looked at the end it was amazing, everyone loved it and dig into the food, they really enjoyed the food. I AM ONE HAPPY MOM..

Crispy Vegetable Samosa Recipe / Veg Samosa Recipe

If you read this, you will think that why she didn't write anything about maha's birthday. But please be patient, i am working on it..I thought of sharing her 1st birthday cake recipe and write everything there. I will be posting that recipe make sure you check them..

Puttu, Payar and Pappadam Recipe / Puttu Recipe / Rice Puttu Recipe

This is one of the best combination to eat puttu,if you have not tried this yet please give it a try..Puttu is one of the famous keralan dish..They usually have puttu with fish curry or kadala curry..I have posted ragi puttu, wheat puttu, tapioca puttu..

Aug 21, 2014

Simple Andhra Chicken Curry Recipe - No Coconut Curries

I already have a andhra style chicken curry recipe which i call my chicken iguru. This is another version, a much simpler version of it. This is a no coconut version, it has a good amount of butter for flavouring and it really works well. Give this dish a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Eggless Apple Pudding Recipe / China Grass Pudding Recipe

One of my lovely viewer asked this recipe, she insisted me for so many days and thank god she did that, because of that i tried it and instantly fell in love with it..This is like super easy pudding. The only cooking involved in this pudding is melting china grass or agar agar in milk. Thats it, super easy..You can check out my mango pudding, china grass pudding, cherry panacotta and many more..