May 30, 2016

Crispy Chicken Bullets Recipe

Many of you asked me to share toddler recipes, so couple days back i tried few recipes and it turned out delicious. 

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Nutella Oats Energy Balls Recipe

Can you imagine a sweet that can be made in under 5 to 10 mins, yes u can..This is it..A really easy and quick sweet for this diwali or any time of your year to satisfy your sweet cravings..This one is so good because it just needs a handful of ingredients and it is sweet, crunchy and chewy as well..

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REVIEW - Estuary Island Poovar Resort - Poovar Resorts / Luxury Resorts in Poovar

This is not a paid review, i just want to share this, because the days when i stayed in this resort is one of the best. Okay now lets get into the review..

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May 28, 2016

Golden Crispy Tofu Recipe - Panko Crusted Tofu Bites Recipe

I love tofu, this is my favourite way of enjoying tofu. It is crispy and like bite size heaven. With a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce all over it, it is perfect.

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Capsicum Chicken Curry Recipe - Chicken with Bell Pepper Masala Recipe

Its been a while since i shared any chicken gravy recipe. This is the dish which i made for the get together and everyone loved it. They started asking me for the recipe. This is a easy recipe to make, you dont need much work at all. All the flavour for this comes from the bell peppers. I used green bell peppers and it added a nice flavour and aroma to this dish. The curry also was very creamy because we grinded those. 

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