Oct 5, 2015

Peanut Butter Streusal Muffins Recipe - Peanut Butter Muffins Recipe

I simply love all things peanut. Peanut butter or raw peanuts or peanut powder, they are in my shelf. Mostly i use them in my cooking and baking. They add such a nutty and wonderful taste to the baked goodies. These muffins are my latest bake and it is one of the best thing i ever baked with peanut. It has two form of peanuts, like peanut butter and peanut powder. Plus these muffins have a crunchy peanuty streusal topping, how good that can be..

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Jam Swirled Coffee Cake Recipe - Strawberry Jam Swirled Cake Recipe

Including jams in cakes is my favourite, because they add a little zing to the cakes and makes it little sticky and moist. This is a cake which has a swirled jam over it and it adds a little design over the cake and makes it taste so yummy. 

Korean Baked Chicken Recipe

Korean dishes are my recent discovery, After my recent discovery of the delicious pomegranate tea which is a korean drink. I was motivated to try more dishes. When i was browsing for the recipes, i found that most korean dishes need a special ingredients which is known as gochujang which is a korean fermented chilli paste. When i looked for it online, luckily i was able to find it in amazon. Immediately i ordered it. And i made this recipe instantly and loved it to the core..I have a huge 500 gram container in my fridge which is urging me to try new recipes..Also i got a special message from my friend nameeta overseas, who insisted me to try out korean dishes because it has become her new favourite and they are so delicious, her first recipe is a korean seafood pancake which i will be trying very soon..

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Oct 3, 2015

Prawn Manchurian Recipe - Chilli Prawn Manchurian Dry Recipe

Prawn manchurian is a recipe which was on my mind for quite some time. It is one dish which we order in any restaurants..It is totally delicious. I made it few days back and it was yummy..

No-Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe

This is one of the recipe which i wanted to try for quite a long time. Finally i made it few days back and it was a super hit. It is made with my favourite thing in the world peanut butter..Now you know that this is going to taste fantastic..

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