Jul 30, 2015

Apple Galette Recipe - Free Form Apple Cinnamon Pie Recipe

I had some shortcrust pastry lying in the fridge for quite few weeks. Suddenly it caught on my eyes. When i decided to use that in my recipes, so many ideas passed through my mind. Finally i decided to make a galette because i saw some apples lying in the fridge too..

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Beef Biryani Recipe - Beef Dum Biryani Recipe

I got so many request from viewers to share beef recipes. The only reason why i haven't shared any is i dont eat them. But when i told that to hubby, he said that he likes them so i can cook it for him alone. I was glad that i can share few recipes of that here so it may help you guys..Today he bought some beef, so i decided to make a simple curry or masala using that and make a biryani too. Hubby told that it tasted really really good and he asked me to make some more recipe too in future..

Onion Raita Recipe - Onion Raita for Biryani - Pyaz Ka Raita Recipe

Raitas make a great cooling and refreshing sidedish for any spicy biryani, pulao..You can literally make raita with pretty much all veggies likes onions, carrots, beeroots, cucumber, mint or anything.  Raita is not at all difficult, it is just a combination of yogurt, fruits or veggies and few spices and fresh herbs..

This is a raita which i made with onions, i added some chilli powder and cumin powder in this, to make it tasty and flavourful.

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Jul 29, 2015

Garlic & Herb Sandwich Bread Recipe - Whole Wheat Garlic Bread Recipe

Whole Wheat Bread are my absolute favourite. But store bought breads have maida in them and they are never made with whole wheat flour. I already have a wheat bread recipe, but this is another version which is more fluffier than that..I added some maida in it to make it more soft and it gave a nice texture..

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Easy Egg Bonda Recipe - Mutta Bonda Recipe

This is a simple bonda recipe which i made using the homemade bajji bonda mix. It turned out to be super soft and super delicious. I served it with plain rasam rice and curd rice. 

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