Sep 2, 2015

Vella Seedai Recipe - Vella Cheedai Recipe - Sweet Seedai Recipe

Seedai one of the must make snacks for krishna jayanthi. This is my first attempt in making them. I have heard about disastrous stories of seedai bursting, so i kind of stayed away from them. And also we have shops here where they sells yummy crispy seedai. So never thought of making them in home. Since gokulashtami is around the corner and seedai is a must recipe to offer god. I decided to try it and post it here.

Tawa Paneer Masala Recipe - Tava Paneer Recipe

I like to create new sidedishes for our daily roti or paratha to make it special and not boring. This is one dish which i made yesterday and it turned out so yummy. It is pretty easy to make, the flavour and taste comes from the pav bhaji masala powder. I used homemade, you can use store bought ones too..

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Sep 1, 2015

Pepper Thattai Recipe / Milagu Thattai Recipe - Krishna Jayanthy Recipes

Thattai is one snack which i was planning to make for quite a while, since krishna jayathy is around the corner i thought it is the perfect time to share it. So i made it today and here is the recipe. I made another version which is spicy and different to this, will share that soon.

Eggless Flaxseed Pancakes Recipe - Whole Wheat, Flaxseed & Honey Pancakes Recipe

Pancakes are my favourite..I make them mostly on sundays, my 2 year little one loves it..But when i make pancakes for myself i love to make different version a try..Recently i made this pancake using whole wheat flour and flax seed powder and it tasted really yummy. The pancake is healthy and it was so good....

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Healthy Maa Inji Pickle Recipe - Zero Oil Mango Ginger Pickle Recipe

I asked hubby to get some ginger from the supermart. When he handed me the baggie i saw that he bought this mango ginger instead of normal ginger. I was not at all worried, because i wanted to make this pickle and share it in my blog for so long. I called my mom and asked for the recipe and she gave me two kinds of recipe. One with oil and other without oil.