Jul 1, 2015

Layered Finger Jello Recipe

I love playing with jello, they are so much to make and eat.Specially when you are having kids around they make a perfect dish to enjoy. I am doing quite a bit of jelly recipe for the past few days, i have two more jello recipes coming up as well..

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Lemon and Pepper Grilled Chicken Recipe

This chicken dish can be made in a jiffy, Just few ingredients for the marination but it really packs tons of flavour from the pepper, garlic and lemon juice. So good when it hits the hot grill and the heat does the magic. Taste best when served hot. Grilling is such a pleasure, the whole family gather round the grill and enjoy hot food just chitchating and talking about their day..It is surely a part of my life..

Classic Chicken Sliders Recipe

Grilling food is my all time pleasure. Simple food taste extraordinary when it is grilled on open flame or grill pan. I make grilled foods like chicken often because it is so easy to make and everyone in the family loves to gather round the grill and enjoy. For the cook it is just minutes of work, because it just need a simple marination and it gets even more flavour when it is grilled. I like to serve it with some sauted veggies and a drink.

Jun 30, 2015

No Bake Oreo Cheesecake Recipe - Cheesecake without Cream Cheese

This is one of the recipe which i wanted to try for quite a long time. Finally i made it few days back and it was a super hit. It is made with my favourite cookies oreo..

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Aloo Pulao Recipe - Potato Pulav Recipe

Aloo pulao is a very simple dish which has a lovely aroma on pureed onions through out the rice..I make pulao differently each time and this is one of my favourite recipe. It is pretty mild and taste great with any spicy curries or raita..