Nov 24, 2015

Korean Vegetable Pancakes with Easy Soy Dipping Sauce

Recently I have been addicted to korean cooking. Even though i don't get many of their ingredients, i try to recreate their food using the available ingredients from my place. This is one of the simplest dish which you can make. It is not only easy to make, but is so yummy and healthy as well. Great for your kids, since lots of veggies are added in this. My lil one loved it and never identified any veggies in this. The main thing in this recipe is, you have to cook it on a medium low heat till it crisp up nicely, use need to use little extra oil to get that process going..

Easy Sweet Rava Appam Recipe - Sweet Sooji Paniyaram Recipe

Sooji appam is one of the easiest and tasty appam you can make. It is crispy, delicious and taste so yummy. Make this appam for this karthigai deepam and enjoy..

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Eggless Caramelized Fig Ice Cream Recipe

I know it is cold winter season. But i wanted to share this delicious ice cream which i made few weeks back. It has been sitting on my draft ever since. So i decided to post it now..

You know i love to eat ice cream anytime of the year, even it is cold, i like to pour some hot fudgy chocolate sauce or warm salted caramel sauce over a bowl of cold cold icecream and enjoy it all by myself, please raise your hands if you are like me, please make me feel comfortable..

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Nov 21, 2015

Easy Nutella Fudge Recipe

This is the second fudge recipe which i told you. It is made with nutella and so easy peasy to make. You can never go wrong with this recipe. 

Paneer Pakora Recipe - Paneer Pakoda Recipe

Pakora is everyone's favourite..Specially this one is yummy, it taste great and it so easy to make. I make this often for my little one, when i make for her, i skip the ketchup part and just fry the paneer dipped in the batter. I made this just for presentation and i found that the paneer taste is good when you apply ketchup onto them,