Mar 23, 2015

No Churn Orange & Lemon Icecream Recipe

I am in nigella lawson's recipes mood, this is another recipe from her show. I have been eyeing on this recipe for quite a long time and since summer is here i finally decided to try it out. This recipe is such a easy one, you need just 4 ingredients and you dont need a icecream maker to make this, plus you dont have to keep on whipping them up when they are freezing like you do for normal icecream. So simple and it has a real fragrant and taste of oranges and lemons..So yum on this hot summer season..

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Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Freezing Time : Overnight
Makes : 250 ml


Cream - 1 cup ( i used 25% fat amul fresh cream)

Icing Sugar / Confectioners Sugar - 1/2 cup + more if needed
Orange - 1 large
Lemon - 1 large


First zest the orange and lemon. Now squeeze them through a strainer into a bowl.

Add the zest and icing sugar. Mix so the sugar is melted.

Add in cream and whip till it is little thick, not too thick.

Now pour this in a container and freeze overnight.

Scoop and serve.

You need just 4 ingredients to make this 
delicious icecream

Start by zesting the orange and lemon

make sure you grate the orange part of the orange 
alone and not the white skin

same way zest lemon 

These zest is what gives maximum flavour

take them in a bowl

Now cut open the fruits
i placed a sieve over the bowl in which you have 
the zest and squeeze the juice

yummy orange juice

same way squeeze the lemon as well

all done

add in icing sugar now

whisk to mix

add in cream

now you got to do one thing, just whisk

i thought of whisking it by this hand whisk, but it took
so long for me, so i switched to a electric whisk

You have to whip till it is thick, but not too stiff

whisk till it gets creamy

pour it into a bowl

cover with plastic wrap

freeze overnight

look at those creamy icecream

scoop and serve



  1. Seems so yummy nd such an easy recipe... Happy to know abt your blog:)

  2. Can we. Make. Strawberry ice cream. Like this???

  3. very nice recipe for summer pl give more cool recipes

  4. @Anonymousyes u can make.Check this link

  5. Hi . U have some amazing recipies and the step by step pics really help.

    I recently tried out the no churn orange icecream.
    THe problem I am experiencing is that it is not setting in the freezer. Almost 2 days .How long does it take to set ?

  6. Hi aarthi 1 cup measures hw much ml or mg

  7. If we. put regular. Sugar instead of icing. Sugar. Is it. OK????

  8. @Anonymousi think u have added too much sugar

  9. Hi Arthi,

    Like your blog soooo much.Have tried so many recipe of yours. Really impressed by the step by step pictorial presentation.

    Can I use whipping cream ? Is the Cream what you have mentioned is cooking cream?

  10. cream thandi use karni hai ya normal room temp par

  11. Waiting for yur ans

  12. We need to put it on freezer or fridge overnight.

  13. Hello, it looks sooo easy and yummy. Can I ass any cream or whippes cream topping or strictly fresh cream?

  14. @suhani mishrau can use any cream or whipped topping as well

  15. hi, I tried this, but all the cream had set at the top and the juice was at the bottom. Should it be because I did not whip it well? Wat could be the reason?

  16. @Anonymousyes it is not mixed well..take it out and whip it again and freeze


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