Oct 30, 2013

Wheat Flour Murukku / Atta Murukku / Gothumai Mavu Murukku / Atta Chakli - Diwali Recipes

I was thinking quite a while for a murukku recipe to try. Maida murukku and Butter muruku was on my mind. I thought of trying those, there comes raji from raks kitchen with her post, wheat flour muruku. Both the muruku flewed away and i decided to try this out and it was a huge hit. It was crispy and just melts away in your mouth.

I added some piping hot oil to the dough and i am telling you, please don't skip that step. Because it makes the murukku melt in mouth. So make this murukku this diwali and you will be glad that you did it..And not to worry i will post maida murukku and butter murukku recipe soon..

Preparation Time : 30 mins
Cooking Time : 2 to 3 mins per batch
Makes - 8 large murukku or 12 to 15 small murukku
Recipe Source: Raks Kitchen


Wheat Flour / Atta - 1 cup
Chilli Powder - 1 tblspn
Salt to taste
Asafoetida / Hing / Kaya Podi - 1/2 tsp
Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam - 1 tsp
Oil - 1.5 tblspn + for deep frying
Water - around 1/2 cup adjust 


Take a colander and line it with a clean cloth. Tip the wheat flour into it, bundle it up and place it over a pot with water. Cover the colander too. Steam this for 15 mins. You can steam it in idli cooker too.

Once it is steamed, remove it from heat and open it up. It should have small lumps. but the flour should be dry not wet.

Allow it too cool a little. Now break them up and sieve it.

Now take the sifted flour in a bowl. Add in salt, chilli powder, asafoetida, cumin seeds and mix well.

Add in water and mix to form a dough, once it is about to form into a dough, heat 1.5 tblspn of oil and pour the hot oil over the flour mix.

Mix well to form into a dough. The dough should be soft.

Now take your murukku press and put your favorite achu inside it. 

Put a portion of dough in it and press to form murukku. You can easily make muruku in the back side of a slotted spoon, so you can easily drop it in oil.

Heat oil for frying. Once it is hot, drop in oil and fry till the shh stops from the oil.

Drain in a paper towel and allow it to cool down, as it cools it will turn crispy.


Take all your ingredients

Line a colander with clean cloth

Add wheat flour in it

Tie it

Place it over a large pot with water

Once it is steamed it will look like this

break it up and allow it to cool down

Take it in a sifter

sieve it

All done

Take it in a bowl

Add cumin seeds

Add in Chilli and salt

Add in asafoetida, i used the liquid stuff

mix it up

Add water and mix

once it is almost mixed

Heat some oil

pour hot oil in the dough

Form into a soft dough

Take your murukku press

I used this Achu

Put some dough in it

Press it

Shape them

This is how it looks

Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan

Drop murukku in hot oil

Let it fry till the shh stops from the oil

See the shh has reduced..Now drain the murukku

Crispy murukku done



  1. Hi Aarthi

    I have been following your Blog for sometime now, It is very nice. I have a question. Whenever I make any kind of Murukku I find it little difficult to press the Murukku maker. What you think is the problem? The maker or Dough Consistency or my arm power? But the Murukku comes out fine and tasty. It is the pressing of murukku terrifying me. pls advise.

  2. Nice explanation and picture. Thank you

  3. @AnonymousThat is because of the murukku maker. I also once found this, and then i changed my muruku press, now it is working like a charm

  4. Hi Aarthi,

    Any Tips on How to get the right Murukku Maker... I have a Aluminium or indalium now... It looks like yours only...

  5. @Anonymous You can see the press which i am using in my oma podi recipe. If you find one like that get it. It always works for me.

    Here is the link


  6. Hi aarathi...a zero cook at home..but ur pictorial ways of cookin hav inspired me..i have tried 2 of ur receipes..tnks a lot..murukku was a hit..sincere tnks..

  7. Hi Aarthi,

    Can you let me know why we are steaming wheat flour... how essential is that step?

  8. @NavyaSteaming muruku is very important. It cooks the wheat flour and make it crispy when fried. If you didn't steam it, the you wont get the cripsyness

  9. Nice explanation with picture keep it up

  10. Hi Arathi
    Can you tell me how long we should steam the floor

  11. can we prepare the flour before and store it for future use.


  12. @durga kalyani am not sure..but if you wanna store it, just put it in a air tight container and store in fridge

  13. What is asafetida , I don't have it,is there any substitute for it,is it essential


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