Apr 21, 2014

Double Decker Oreo, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Bars

All goodness combined in a single bar...Peanut Butter, Butter, Chocolate Chips mainly Oreo Cookies, all deliciout things combined in a single bar. Delicious i would say. And i made this bar for my sister's birthday for their friends. And it was delicious..

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Preparation Time : 15 mins
Setting Time : 2 hours or overnight
Makes : 24 to 30 pieces


For Bottom Crust:
Oreo Cookies - around 20 cookies
Sugar - 2 tblspn
Peanut Butter - 3 tblspn
Butter - 1/2 cup

For Top Crust:
Milkmaid / Condensed Milk - 1 cup
Dark Chocolate Chips - 2 cups
Cocoa Powder - 1 tsp
Peanut Butter - 1/2 cup
Butter - 1 tblspn


Grease a square pan and set aside till use.
Take all the ingredients given for the bottom crust in a blender and powder it.

Transfer that in a greased square cake pan and set it in a fridge.

Now take all the ingredients in a sauce pan and heat it till it is melted. Now pour this over the oreo crust and smooth it.

Now set this in the fridge for a good couple of hours. I left it overnight.

Remove the tray from oven, cut it into squares and serve.


This bar tends to go soft when kept at room temp. So store it in fridge always.

Take all your ingredients

start by melting some butter

set aside
take some oreo cookies

i used chocolate creamed ones

take them in a blender

add sugar

powder them

Now add in peanut butter

melted butter

blend them

remove it to a bowl

Grease a square pan

transfer the oreo mix in this

Press it down..set this in fridge
Now make the filling..Take condensed milk in a sauce pan

add chocolate chips

add in cocoa powder

add in peanut butter

a tiny amount of butter

heat it to melt

once it is all melted

remove it

trasnfer it over the oreo crust

smooth it out

a close look

set it in fridge

remove it

cut into squares


taste yummo..


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